Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New Photo Processing/Editing Software: Affinity Photo for Windows

In the journey of rediscovery that I am taking as I get back into photography, one of the areas that has really change since my college days is the move to digital. Now, I can't say that I am a complete novice with photo editing, I have been doing for a number of years with photos taken on compact cameras or on my smartphone. However, now that I am getting more serious with my photography, I am going into a lot more depth with the software side as well.

RAW file edited with Affinity Photo Beta

There is an endless selection of photo processing and photo editing software available and most of it seems to do a fairly similar job. There are clearly leaders and also a lot of smaller companies trying to grab some of the market. As well as dabbling with Photoshop, I have been using Serif's PhotoPlus (along with PagePlus and WebPlus) for many, many years. I have always found it to be good stable software that did a great job for a very reasonable price. Serif recently decided to retire the *Plus range of software (although I am not sure about WebPlus) in favour of their new Affinity brand which has done very well on Macs apparently... I have a copy of Affinity Designer and just recently installed the Beta version of Affinity Photo. I must say after a first run through I am very impressed with Affinity Photo it handles the RAW files very well and then combines both processing and editing very well.

RAW file edited with Corel Aftershot Pro 3

I won't be completely converting over to Affinity Photo anytime soon, especially as the PC version is still in Beta testing. Corel Aftershot Pro 3 and Photoshop still have the edge, but I will be playing around with it a lot more and will certainly consider it once it comes out of Beta testing.

NB: I took the photos on this page this last weekend. The location is Scotstown Moor on the northern edge of Aberdeen. It was particularly frosty and made for some interesting photos.

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